Face and Body Treatments


Facial Treatments


Holistic and relaxing facial and body treatments, using either Primavera or Eve Taylor products.  A 5-10 minute consultation    at the start of the treatment is included.

Primavera products are:-


100% pure and natural

100% organic

100% holistic


Eve Taylor products:-


Unite the very best of plant essences

Do not contain mineral oil, alcohol or artificial fragrance

Are paraben free


Intensive Facial (1 1/4 hours)

Double cleanse, tone, exfoliation, two masques, hot towels, massage and moisturise using Eve Taylor products.


Luxury Facial (1 hour)

Double cleanse, tone, exfoliation, masque, massage and moisturise using Eve Taylor products.


Mini Facial (30 minutes)

Double cleanse, tone, exfoliation and moisturise using Eve Taylor products.













Holistic Treatments


Holistic treatments encourage the rebalancing of the mind, body, spirit and chakras.  They include a 10 minute consultation at the beginning of each treatment to discuss previous medical history, current lifestyle details and the effect of previous treatments. 


Body Ritual (2 hours)

A very gentle and relaxing massage of the head, arms, hands, legs, feet and back; followed by a luxury facial using Primavera products.  A lovely, relaxing experience.


Swedish Full Body Massage (1 hour)

An invigorating deep muscle massage based on traditional Swedish massage techniques. 


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (30 mins, 45 mins or 1 hour)

A deep muscle massage targeting tension held in the back, neck and shoulder areas.


Indian Head Massage (45 mins)

A face, head, neck, shoulders, upper arm and upper back massage to help relieve headaches, muscle tension, sinusitis.


Reflexology (1 hour)

Using thumbs and fingers on points of the foot, this relaxing treatment helps to             re-balance the mind, body and spirit.


Luxury Reflexology (2 hours)

An hour's reflexology treatment, combined with a luxury pedicure.


Aromatherapy Body Massage (1 1/4 hours)

A relaxing body and facial massage using essential oils blended to suit your skin, problem conditions and mood.


Reiki (1 hour)

Reiki uses the "universal life force" to assist the body to heal itself and achieve a state of balance.  A very relaxing treatment.

Hopi Ear Candle (45 mins) 

Also known as Thermal Auricular Treatment.  A relaxing, non-invasive treatment which can help with ear, nose and throats conditions.










 £18.00, £25.00 or £35.00
























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