Food Sensitivity and Allergy Testing

by Debra Parker

Allergy or Intolerance?


A substance may be harmless to one individual whilst cause mild to severe reactions in others.  People often confuse food allergy with food intolerance and think they are the same thing.  

Allergic reactions are usually quicker and more severe than intolerances and can involve different parts of the immune system, possibly leading to anaphylatic shock.  Some symptons are swelling of the lips, mouth and tongue; uticaria (a nettle sting type of rash) and vomiting.  Common foods which can cause allergy are peanuts and shellfish.

Intolerances usually show themselves through a slower reaction to the substance than an allergy, with the symptoms appearing, disappearing and re-appearing with according to the frequency of eating the substance.  Intolerances may be reversible, whereas allergies are not usually.  Foods which can cause intolerances include milk, eggs, nuts, shellfish, wheat, chocolate, chicken, cheese, coffee and yeast.

By avoiding foods you may be sensitive or intolerant to, you may quickly start to feel an improvement.  Additionally people with a food sensitivity may be short of nutrients because they find it difficult to absorb vitamins and minerals.


Method of testing

Debra uses bio-resonance testing via a 'non force form' of Applied Kinesiology, in order to determine which foods are causing a problem.  Any response to foods will be rated from mild to very severe.  The results are discussed and a report given, together with relevant fact sheets, where appropriate, to help make any necessary dietary changes.

Allergy testing also covers pollens, house dust mites, animals, tobacco smoke, etc. This then determines the order of treatment. By clearing these blockages, the body's information field is restored and our inherent healing ability is returned, leading to healthy tissues, organs and improved vitality and immunity.

The testing is non-invasive, does not involve blood, urine or stool samples, yet provides immediate results enabling follow-up advice to be provided.



DISCLAIMER: This therapy is not intended as a medical diagnosis or as a replacement for conventional medical treatment.

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