Bioresonance Testing and Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy

by Debra Parker



About Debra

Debra is dedicated to natural healthcare and is an experienced and fully insured practitioner of energy medicine.  She qualified in Bio-Ex (TM) Therapy (Bio-Cellular Medicine) in 2004 followed with Advanced Levels I and II.  Debra also holds a diploma in Clinical Nutrition.  To further her knowledge in energy medicine, she is currently studying Field Control Therapy, which has been pioneered by Dr Savely Yurkovsky ( 


About Bioresonance Testing and Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy

Bioresonance Testing and Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy are forms of bioenergetic or vibrational medicine.  Leading research in many fields all indicate the same principles - we are more than just our physical body. We possess an energy field, sometimes called a human body field, which is a structured web of information and vital energy that informs and influences the state of our health and well-being. On this energetic level, it is possible that toxins, pollutants, trauma and emotions may distort the human body field, resulting in energy blocks as well as manifestations of diseases and conditions. Toxic heavy metals such as mercury and lead are particularly known to block energy flow.

Bioresonance Testing and Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy use the body's own energetic field, together with a 'non force form' of Applied Kinesiology, to determine the stressed organs and tissues and investigate which key toxins have accumulated in the body's structures.  This then determines the order of treatment.  By clearing these blockages, the body's information field is restored and our inherent healing ability is returned, leading to healthy tissues, organs and improved vitality and immunity.


What is involved

The first session takes around three hours (follow-up testing is shorter) and involves an in-depth health consultation, a non-invasive test and analysis and also includes supportive remedies.

These remedies are in the form of liquid drops and are taken over several days to instruct the body to remove a specific toxin.   This very precise resonance induces a vibration in the body's energy field and this, in turn, gives a message to the body to begin to excrete the toxin.  Al the same time, supportive measures are given to the excretory pathways and stressed or weak organs.


Each treatment is strictly individual and unique in accordance with the patient's needs.  The severity of the health condition and energetic levels of the patient determines the number of treatments needed to remove the accumulated toxins and infections.


DISCLAIMER:  These therapies is not intended as a medical diagnosis or as a replacement for conventional medical treatment.



For further information please visit Debra Parker's website, or contact her on 07913 557632. 


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